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Client Reviews

Here’s what clients are saying about Nicole . . .

“Nicole is a talented copywriter and valued partner on everything from simple wordsmithing to more conceptual and strategic projects—and she tackles each with the same passion and dedication. Moreover, and especially important in her work for me at Nestlé, she can adapt her writing skills extremely well to the current environment, brand, and/or demographic and is very detailed and meticulous in her approach to a new project, regardless of the level or sensitivity.

In addition to her writing skill, her personality and work ethic make her a pleasure to work with. Nicole has great follow-up skills and is very responsive to requests and changes, taking all recommendations into consideration. She's also a true team player; she collaborates well with others and is very personable yet can be direct when she needs to be.”

       Dan Castro
       Creative Director, ICON—Nestlé Creative Center


“We have worked with Nicole for over 8 years, and she is always very thorough in every project she completes for us. She is attentive to deadlines, and always tailors the end product to meet our needs–no matter how detailed our needs may be. She is a gem and a true pleasure to work with.”

       Emily Cowie
       Senior Managing Editor, PatientPoint


“If you want a writer who can not only develop creative strategies for positioning a brand, but also deliver clear messages, and solve business issues and needs, then Nicole is your ideal candidate. I have the pleasure of working with Nicole at Nestlé. Nicole is a well-spring of creative ideas, an extremely skilled copywriter and creative strategist who is committed to excellence. Nicole is a great individual to work with...very detail oriented, respects others' ideas and always ready to offer the best solutions to problems.”

       Barbara Yeh
       Art Director, ICON—Nestlé Creative Center


“First and foremost, I must say you are very talented. I am in love with all options presented. I sent it to my Brand Manager last night and she just had a chance to get to it. She started yelling (and I quote) "Oh my god! Love, love, love!" I am beyond excited by what you sent... everyone thinks you are such a rockstar. As the Chief Creative Officer said (and I quote) "I feel like she is the exact voice for ORLY!" They were in love! And each time I read it I got chills because it was just so perfect. Great job!”

       Elyse Piwonka
       Product Development Manager, ORLY INTERNATIONAL


“Thank you so much! You are such a great talent. I really appreciate all you do and the fact that you ALWAYS do it with a smile is inspiring!”

       Lenore Mason
       Director of Marketing, MAGIC / WWDMAGIC / FN PLATFORM / SOURCING at MAGIC


“Nicole, we’re again in need of your fabulous naming expertise. We loved your content and personality so much the first time, we need more of you!”

       Laura Jenks
       Agron Inc. (Adidas America accessories licensee)


“I have worked with Nicole for over a year now and she has composed numerous items for me. Nicole is truly an expert in her field, and her writings get results! Her professionalism and timeliness is also unmatched. I will continue to utilize Nicole’s talents for years to come.”

       Darshan Shah, MD
       Director, Beautologie Medical Group


“I hired Nicole to rewrite my site and I couldn't be happier. She did more than rewrite it...she came up with factors that differentiated me from my competitors, which made my business really stand out. I was amazed with her SEO skills, specifically the way she was able to insert the keywords in an effective density necessary to raise my search engine ranking, without making the page hard to read. This is truly an art! I highly recommend Nicole to anyone needing Web copy.”

       Scott Williams
       Training Director, Beyond the Leash


“I consistently hire Nicole to work on projects for clients such as Lexus and Grand Avenue PR because she has proven time and time again to be reliable, affordable, flexible, and always ahead of scheduled deadlines. As a writer, she is creative and professional, and clients thank me for her skill in providing services above and beyond writing copy, such as helping them identify competitive benefits and creative ways to sell themselves. Given my 15 year history in entertainment and advertising, I have worked with numerous copywriters—Nicole is always my first choice!”

       Cindi Knight
       President, Cindi Knight Creative Services


“I am extremely satisfied with Nicole's work. She wrote five pages of persuasive, informative web content that transitioned smoothly and effectively from one point to the next. Nicole not only collaborated well, she also contributed a lot of her own ideas and provided valuable insight to the project. She is a seasoned, thorough and expeditious writer and a pleasure to work with. Out of 20+ bids I received for my project, I have no doubt I made the right choice! It should come as no surprise that I highly recommend her.”

       Sophie Foultz


“Very well informed copywriter. I learned a lot from her. She is willing take advice and give advice. Met my deadlines. Awesome and detail oriented. I am getting ready to give her more work—I highly recommend her.”

       Solomon Davies
       Realtor/Principal, Solomon Davies & Associates


“Nicole is an all-around professional. She listened to our needs, completed careful research, and really developed an understanding of our business. She then brought that understanding to our promotions, creating compelling copy to help us reach our clientele. She beat deadlines and infused creativity, often staying within strict parameters of a project. Most importantly, her letters increased attendee response.”

Eric Franzon
Vice President, Wilshire Conferences


“Thank you again for your work on the brochure...You must know that in working with you I really was able to sharpen my focus on what it is I do and what it is I'm selling. So thank you for your clarity and asking questions that really helped me nail it. I will be back to you again and again and will also spread your name around!”

Hollie Hopson
Event Producer/Owner, OnMyGo, Inc.


“Great job, Nicole! You have a great way with words and accomplished exactly what I was hoping for. And, fast too!”

Steve Kemp
Publisher, Blue Whale Press



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